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Join the fastest growing network of private real estate investors in Montreal and gain instant access to hundreds of off-market listings.

Access off-market commercial and residential listings

Search through a selection of private investment opportunities exclusively on our platform.

As a Shupilov VIP you will gain exclusive access to residential and commercial real estate opportunities that are for sale outside the MLS system


Investor Connect

Bridging the gap between investors to make better deals in less time

Investor Connect is at the core of our VIP network and has been uniquely developed to connect investors who are in the same market looking to buy/sell off-market commercial and residential real estate.


The Old Way involves a lot more work for all parties to come together and make a deal happen. Often there are buyers looking for their next deal who struggle to locate the right seller and vice versa.

The New Way solves the challenges of the past by connecting real estate investors in a single unified place. This transparency is what saves investors time and money on each and every transaction.


Early access to pre-market listings

Our clients have the unique opportunity to purchase these private deals before they are made available to the general public.

Instant notifications about new pre-market listings allow you to prepare and present your offer before the property is publicly listed for sale.

Other VIP Benefits

Latest Market News

Get notified or login to read the latest updates on mortgage rates, market reports, and local real estate statistics.

Investor Guidance

Our licensed brokers are here to assist you with market, financial, and legal knowledge at every step.

Unique Tools

Gain instant access to e-books, guides, calculators and worksheets for investors.

Am I eligible to join?

We restrict membership invitations to investors who have undergone a basis qualification process, by phone or in person, with a member of our team. This is to protect the privacy of our sellers and to ensure that our listings are only accessible to serious buyers.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • I work with and/or represent a group of investors
  • I work with and/or represent a Real estate investment trust (REIT)
  • I am interested in commercial properties with more than 5+ units
  • I am new to, but interested in investing in commercial real estate
  • I am an owner and want to list my commercial properties on a private network
  • I have a real estate portfolio and am interested in investing in commercial real estate

Fill out the below form if you meet the eligibility criteria and would like more information. One of our team members will reach out in the next 24 hours to respond to your request.

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